2014, Photos: Nia Gathering

nia a  open triangle intent

One of Jena’s Nia classes in progress, taken in 2014. View the entire album by clicking the photo!

2012, Nia at The Dance Space featured in The Seattle Times


By Nicole Tsong

YOU enter the world of Nia, my advice is to roll with it. Roll with the teacher’s instructions to burp up joy, pat rainbows and let yourself shine through. Cynicism is not permitted.

It’s possible that Nia may have shown up at your local gym, but it’s also possible you don’t know what it is. I certainly didn’t.

I headed to Greenwood to join a class with Susan Tate, who has taught Nia for more than 13 years. Tate explained that Nia is a combination of three martial arts, three healing arts and three types of dance, with a mental-well-being component. Which, looking back, told me nothing and everything about what I was in for…Read complete article.

2011, Street Yoga’s Fall Into Gratitude event, Seattle

Video 1: Improvisation

Video 2: Martial Movement

Video 3: Nia

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