Martial Movement

Students of Kinesthesis Martial Movement learn practical self-defense while developing their will, discipline, awareness, strength and coordination through a kinesthetic exploration of traditional martial arts through a very non-traditional format.

Traditional kung-fu forms provide the framework through which you will practice awareness, balance and naturally efficient, effective, graceful movement. Both empty-hand and sword techniques are presented to each student in an individually-driven curriculum.

While each class is tailored to its attendees, typical classes include meditation, stretching, conditioning, exploration of self-defense principles and technique, and forms work. You can practice either barefoot or with light, non-marking shoes that you don’t wear on the street. Uniforms are available but not required. You should wear comfortable, breathable clothes that you can freely move in.

Martial Movement is taught by Eron Hennessey. Information about class locations, time, and cost can be found on the Class Schedule page and on the Calendar.