Martial Movement

Students of Kinesthesis Martial Movement learn practical self-defense while developing their will, discipline, awareness, strength and coordination through a kinesthetic exploration of traditional martial arts in a non-traditional format. Forms provide the framework through which you will practice balance and naturally efficient, effective, graceful movement. Both open-hand and sword techniques are presented in an individually-driven curriculum.

There is no sparring in this class; I believe that high quality martial arts instruction should be accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, size or ability. Classes include meditation, stretching, conditioning, self-defense technique, and forms work.

You can practice either barefoot or with light, non-marking shoes that you don’t wear on the street. Uniforms are not required; wear comfortable, breathable clothes that you can freely move in.

Martial Movement is taught by Eron Hennessey. Information about class locations, time, and cost can be found on the class schedule page.

Rekindle your fire, learn valuable self defense and experience your own Warrior spirit through movement!

Classes are currently being held at the Soma Yoga studio on Wednesday nights.

On Sunday nights at Soma Yoga, we blend the traditional kung-fu technique of Martial Movement with rhythm-based movement that provides the material in a more accessible format.

For full information about the class times, see the calendar.

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