Eron Hennessey


Martial Arts, Movement & Dance

I’ve been moving (and learning about movement) since before my birth, but have always enjoyed movement arts and expression as far back as I can remember. As a child, I studied ballet, learned folk-dances, and later, practiced martial arts, beginning with Tae Kwon Do in 1985 and continuing with Hung Gar kung fu, which I taught from 1992-2003 at the Seattle Kung-fu Club in the International District. Insatiably curious and ever seeking more depth, I formally studied the arts of Wah Lum Pai and Aikido and have continued to improve my own understanding by practice with martial artists from both traditional and non-traditional disciplines.

Drawing on the synthesis of my experience, I offer classes in Martial Movement, an accessible yet effective form of martial arts. Martial arts practice, I feel, is critically important in developing the Warrior archetype that exists within us. Kinesthesis refers to physical learning, and while teaching effective self-defense, I also encourage students to explore and learn from the physical experience of inhabiting their Warrior aspect to cultivate will, discipline, awareness, presence and sincerity—qualities that are inextricably linked with this archetype. My classes combine meditation, stretching and conditioning exercises, comprehensive study of practical self-defense techniques and the practice of traditional forms (also known as kata).

I also ocassionally lead a class that blends the traditional kung-fu technique of Martial Movement with dance to provide an alternative, additional exploration of many of the core principles of Martial Movement in an accessible, uninimidating format.

Contacting Eron

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