Update on Bitter Lake classes

We’ve just been informed by the Bitter Lake Community Center that there have been problems with the online registration system (SPARC) for those of you who aren’t already in the system. We’re sorry if you’ve been affected by this problem.

As a result of low enrollment, the Wednesday morning Nia class and the Saturday afternoon Martial Movement class have been cancelled.

On the bright side, the Wednesday night Martial Movement class (7-8:30pm) and Saturday morning Nia class (9:15-10:30am) are going on as planned! Due to issues with the SPARC system, we recommend calling the center directly to register at 206-684-7524 (main) or 206-615-1817 (office). The class (bar) codes are 148951 for Martial Movement and 148952 for Nia. Here’s the post describing the classes.

Registration still closes on April 9th for both classes–if you want to participate, please register by this Saturday!

If you have any trouble registering, don’t hesitate to call us using the contact info on our website. We can inform the center and smooth things out for you.

Thanks so much to those who’ve already registered. We look forward to seeing you in class (starting on Wednesday, April 13th at 7pm for Martial Movement, and Saturday, April 9th at 9:15am for Nia)!

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