Martial Movement and Nia Classes at Bitter Lake Community Center

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Dept. has released the Spring/Summer 2016 catalog, listing our Martial Movement and Nia classes at the Bitter Lake Community Center!

Bitter Lake Community Center is located at 13035 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133. Parking is available in the lot just north of the center.

The cost for either class is $120 for the 10-week session, which runs from April 9th to June 18th. Classes will not be held April 16. You can attend as many classes as you like during the session.

Registration begins March 8th, 2016. You can register directly at the Center, by calling 206-684-7524, or online by using SPARC.

Martial Movement

In this 10 week course, students will learn practical self-defense while developing their will, discipline, awareness, strength, and coordination through a kinesthetic exploration of traditional martial arts in a non-traditional format. Forms provide the framework through which you will practice balance and naturally efficient, effective, graceful movement. Both open-hand and sword techniques are presented in an individually driven curriculum. You can practice either barefoot or with light, non-marking, indoor-only shoes. Clothing should be breathable and comfortable; anything that allows you to move freely.

  • Saturdays, 3-4:30pm (No class on April 16)
  • Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm

See the Martial Movement page for more info!


Nia is the art of moving the body’s way; a barefoot cardio-dance workout that builds flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability in your mind, body, and soul. Nia is fun, low-impact, and is adaptable to individual needs and abilities. This 10 week course is great for anyone, as previous experience with NIA is not necessary! Wear clothes that you can dance in–we will be moving!

  • Saturdays, 9:15-10:30am (No class on April 16)
  • Wednesdays, 9:15-10:30am

See the Nia page for more info!

Update: Due to issues with enrollment (SPAAARC!!) the Saturday afternoon Martial Movement class and the Wednesday evening Nia class have been cancelled. The Wednesday night Martial Movement class and Saturday morning Nia class are going on as planned, however! Register by calling the center directly to register at 206-684-7524 (main) or 206-615-1817 (office). The class (bar) codes are 148951 for Martial Movement and 148952 for Nia.

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