Learn Breema with Jena at Soma Yoga in 2016

Learn Breema Bodywork® and Self-Breema Exercises® with Jena at Soma Yoga from January to April, 2016.

Breema is a bodywork practice that invites us to be present, to develop an increased understanding of ourselves and a deepening sense of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose through bodywork, meditation and exercises designed to bring you to your body and experience wholeness without separation from existence.

Jena will be presenting the following classes in this series:

  • Sunday, Jan 10th — A free Self-Breema class from 2-3pm.
  • Saturday, Jan 16th, 1-4pm — Breema and Self-Breema
  • Saturday, Feb 13th, 1-4pm — Breema and Self-Breema
  • Saturday, Mar 19th, 1-4pm — Breema and Self-Breema

The cost of each Saturday class is $30. Please pre-register for the class by contacting Jena using any of the methods listed on our contact page. For licenced massage practitioners, 3 CEUs are available for each of the Saturday classes. Please indicate to Jena if you are interested in receiving CEUs for the class.

Breema® is a service mark of The Breema Center

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