is now more social!

You may have noticed that there have been significant changes to the site recently. We’ve been reconfiguring, reworking, reimagining and reinvigorating the place with a new look, better organization and more features for you.

In addition to the obvious design changes, however, we’ve also added social features to help our community of movers share experiences together and to use this site as a point of engagement with our dancers, martial artists, dreamers and others who are interested in the classes and activities we collectively participate in.

We want to create a place where our members can participate, discuss and share without being subjected to marketing or other forms of being preyed upon by mega-corps whose primary concern is how to profit from your personal information.

Our primary concern is that you live fully, move your body, mind and spirit, and enjoy this experience called life… So, create a profile and join our community!

Thanks so much to our regular participants, you’re all beautiful! Throughout the years, we’ve sincerely enjoyed the deep experiences we’ve shared,  and the great journey that we continue to walk together. We can’t do this without your participation and most of all, your presence.

Hope to see you soon in class!

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