Tricks of the Frugal Warrior: DIY Weight Gloves

Weight training has a lot of benefits for people of any age or fitness level. Circulatory strength, weight management and bone health are all improved by a regular regime of weight training mixed in with your other health and fitness practices.

When embarking on a weight training practice, using weight gloves can keep your palms from turning to leather, and can also help keep you free from painful cuts and abrasions, especially if you use uncoated cast-iron weights such as these:

There are plenty of purpose-made weight gloves available at sporting goods suppliers, but you can easily burn $30 or more for gloves that look really cute, but will last only a month or so. I have a pair that I bought for such a price, and they developed tears on the wrist and at the base of the thumb within a month:

It was irritating that these high-cost weight gloves were so flimsy. I keep them around to this day to remind me to never make such a poor purchase again.

Enter the lowly leather-palmed garden/work glove.

Though, at first look, a cheap (3-5$) work glove is a clumsy glove at best and wholly unsuited to weight training due to the large, leather-covered fingers, a solution is at hand with a simple pair of scissors. Just chop the fingers of the glove to the second knuckle (you may wish to put them on, then mark with a pen on the glove where your finger flexes), and instantly, you have a pair of low-cost, but very durable, weight gloves:

I’ve used these gloves, purchased for $3.99 at my local hardware store, for the past three years as my primary weight gloves, and they’re still holding up well. Expensive gloves, try to do better–I don’t think you can!

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