Improvisation Workshops with Robin Bryant in March

Robin Bryant will be visiting Seattle in March with a weekend of dance improvisation workshops, held March 3rd & 4th at the Century Ballroom in Seattle!

Her work provides an opportunity to communicate and express the inner self through movement and is valuable to dancers of all levels of experience.

The classes are designed to be taken together (though you can contact Robin to take a single class if you wish), and comprise the following:

March 3rd: Dance as a Healing Art – Deepening
West Hall, 1-4:30pm

March 4th: Dance as a Communication Art – Revealing
East Hall, 10am-1:30pm

The Century Ballroom is located on the second floor of 915 East Pine Street, Seattle.

The cost of each workshop is $50-75, and there is a maximum of 20 participants.  Register early to reserve your place!

To register, contact Robin Bryant:, or call 541-488-9504.

About Robin Bryant

Robin Bryant, Ashland Teacher, choreographer, and artistic director of HeartDance company has been teaching dance both as a healing and communication art for over forty years.

Her career began in California and expanded throughout the US and into Canada, Africa and France. Presently she teaches five weekly classes of dance improvisation and modern technique.

Robin is a deeply experienced and inspiring teacher. A passion of hers is to bring joy to others, and increased possibilities.

More About Improvisational Dance

Dance Improvisation teaches how to be in the moment, with movement. These workshops are for everyone, with or without experience. I’ve had over forty years of teaching improvisational movement for all ages, many diverse Beings, and many cultures. I love it! This is a universal language.

As a ‘guide’, new possibilities will be offered to enliven your own unique dance. There are many ways to deeply connect inwardly and outwardly through movement.

I generously use inner and outer focus, qualities of movement, themes that spark meaningful movement, images from nature, music, poetry, and more. All of these inspire the physical, emotional, and spiritual body to flow, as one.

Some benefits of increasing the imagination, intuition and curiosity, are freedom, deep joy and peace.

What is accomplish together, returns through our living and enhances any of the other wonderful dance improvisational methods, practices. . and all dance and movement forms.

These workshop themes are the same I’m taking to Eugene, Portland, and Ashland this winter. I welcome you to dance your heart!

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