End of Times: The Final Music, Movement & Magic of 2011 Occurs Tonight

At the end of things, there is a new beginning–but there will never be another moment like this one.

So it is said, and in such a way, the final Music, Movement & Magic experience of the year begins tonight at the Dance Space @ 7:30pm and runs to 9pm!

As a way of rounding out our experience, I’ll refer back to the original description of this event:

Be supported to explore, with movement and music, the magic that is awakened when we integrate Five-stages work, Freedance, and the chance to dance and experience a story arc that mirrors the cycles of the Mayan spiritual calendar, the Tzolk’in (but also reflects universal cycles of creation, transformation, and growth, so is not constrained by any particular calendar or practice).

We will begin in circle. Then, enter into exploration of creative cycles using imagery, art, dance, and sound. The experience will be guided, yet you are encouraged to move as you are moved to move. I will offer pearls of thought throughout the event. We will end as we began, in circle.

All are welcome and preregistration is requested as space is limited to 13 participants. Join us and support your creativity, dancing through life!

If dancing, reflection, creative movement, art or experience appeal to you, we will see you there!  :)

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