Stalking the Wild Psoas with Liz Koch and Jami Sieber

From November 18-20, 2011, Liz Koch will be teaching a 3-day workshop called “Stalking the Wild Psoas” in Seattle. Fantastic cellist Jami Sieber will also be participating, collaborating with Liz to create a dynamic movement and music experience.

This workshop, part of Liz Koch’s Core Awareness practice, is designed to work with, and awaken, the illiopsoas muscle group, which resides at the core of your body, from your spine, weaving through your hips to your legs–in other words, this muscle group is essential for mobility and for communication between your nervous system, core and legs!

Much more information can be found at Liz Koch’s website. This workshop also offers 18 hours of CE credits for bodyworkers.

We’ll be there, and invite you to participate with us!

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