Jena is Moving Into Presence at The Dance Space in Greenwood.

Moving as we are moved to move

After wishing, with great sincerity and for many years, to find  healing practices that regenerate and nourish all parts of myself, and to find a space in alignment with those aims, I am delighted to announce the arrival of Breema at The Dance Space.

Breema and Nia are both practices that increase vitality and connection. They are very different pathways, yet the aim of both is the same: to be present with integrated body, mind, and emotions.

In Nia we dance, sound, play, kick, turn, and feel. In Breema, while passive, clothed, and on a cushioned floor we are brushed, patted, held, and stretched. Harmonious awareness within the experience is the teacher, healer, and friend.

Experience a Breema session and be moved! 50 min/$45, 20 min/$30. By appointment only at The Dance Space. For more information about how to make an appointment, see the About Breema page.

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